Medical Device Partners is an industry leading global consulting group, offering a comprehensive portfolio of specialized business development, marketing, and management consulting services to the healthcare, medtech and life science sectors.

We leverage our cumulative partner network and expertise to help business owners scale their operations and accelerate their innovative products and services to the global marketplace.

Healthcare delivery, remuneration, and distribution models are evolving, and today’s healthcare consumers are avid researchers who are most effectively reached via online channels. Our team will help you leverage cutting edge technology to reach and capture your target market.


  • corporate strategy, planning, team development
  • public funding, raising capital, private investment
  • stakeholder engagement, partnerships, licensing
  • engineering, design, regulatory & quality systems
  • prototypes, biomaterials, development & testing
  • product manufacturing, processing, packaging
  • sales & distribution, regional/national/global
  • websites, marketing, social media, mobile apps



The global pandemic has created an unprecedented amount of development and opportunities for investment in the healthcare, medical device, and life science sectors.

Contact us to learn how each sector in the industry is constantly evolving and where the unique opportunities are hiding.

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Are you a technical and/or subject matter expert and interested in contracting or consulting in the healthcare, medical device, or life science industries?

Contact us to learn how your expertise and transferable skills match up with opportunities we are developing.

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